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Harlie Planter

The prismatic form of the harlie planter collection by Luxxbox is at once both faceted gemstone and articulated artifact. Drawing on gemology and mathematical principles with a playful reference to the geometry of the daring “Harlequin” in full costume, Harlie holds court with a killer design edge.

The Harlie planter is available in 2 materials, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete). FRP is a lightweight, strong material made up of layers of polyester resin alternated with woven fiberglass mat.
GFRC has the look and durability of concrete, without suffering the associated weight. Both materials are designed to be durable and low weight – even for heavy-traffic locations.

FRP is available in many colours, and can be can be colour matched upon request. FRP can also be be metal-infused, which involves powdered metals (bronze, aluminum, copper, iron) being mixed into clear gel-coat them applied to FRP Fiberglass

Luxxbox offers two different finishe types in GFRC – travertine and acid etched. The travertine finish has a rustic, puckered appearance. The acid etch has a consistent, fine sand texture.